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Technology is expensive and can be complicated. Are you sure you are being sold the right solution? Have you aligned your business objectives with your digital signage strategy? How will you know if it is working or not? 

How do you know your suppliers are selling you the solution you need? We put ourselves on your side of the table to ensure you are asking yourself the right questions and more importantly, making the right buying decisions. We expose the value and opportunities most people ignore. The main reason for commercial digital signage is to drive ROI, yet this is usually an afterthought. 

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LED Display Guidance

LED Displays are quickly becoming the norm when it comes to large format videowalls and displays. There are so many AV integrators and traditional sign manufacturers jumping on the LED "bandwagon," importing products from suppliers and factories they have never seen. The fact of the matter is, there are too many options out there and the industry is driven by price. It is an extremely competitive space where many suppliers cut corners to be more cost competitive, leaving you with service issues or "lemon" products that you paid good money for. You need to ensure you are going to have a reliable display for the duration of your ROI strategy.

As part of your team, we will help cut through the clutter so you can make smart, educated buying decisions.

Programatic Advertising Integration

The Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) industry is on the verge of a seismic shift. The ADTECH that drives targeted advertising via online banner ads is merging with place-based digital displays and billboards. Programmatic ad buying has been adopted by all the major advertising agencies and brands and if you are not embracing the technology, you could be missing out on lucrative collaborative media buys. We can help guide and integrate the most used programmatic market places with your existing digital network. Extending programmatic reach to place-based media, especially near the point-of-decision is an media buyers dream. Let us help you understand the potential of using programmatic to help generate easy revenue for your network.

Content & Monetization Strategies

Your network needs to be fed with content, and they are what they "eat." It is easy to get blinded by technology and lose sight of your objectives. It is critical to have a plan for how your network will generate a return. Whether you are looking to increase your customer traffic, basket size, generate AD revenue, our team of seasoned digital out of home specialists can help put things into perspective for you and implement the systems to help quantify and monitor your returns. 

Tender Design & Development

After careful assessment of your organizations needs, our team of experts can help develop technical specifications for your proposal requests. Development of accurate scopes and requirements can significantly reduce the chances of "scope creep" and exceeding budgets. A common oversight in the digital signage RFP process is accurately determining the total cost of ownership and preparing for technological obsolescence. Our team help you understand the total life cycle of technology and work with you to plan your ROI strategy more precisely, generating the maximum return.

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