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Our Story

soblabs was founded 2018 by Shawn O'Brien, a digital signage creative technologist with over 20 years of experience in digital out-of-home advertising, transportation information & wayfinding networks, non-traditional experiential digital marketing , and large retail digital signage networks.

The digital signage industry is still very much in its growth period of the business life cycle. However, there are still inefficiencies when it comes to creative strategies, ROI and analytics. With innovations accelerating in machine learning & artificial intelligence, the possibilities of minimizing operational costs and maximizing revenues are endless. Through ethical data harvesting and accurate segmentation of your audience, you can automate content delivery to ensure you have the right content at the right time to drive results. 

Our team consists of creative directors, out-of-home advertising experts, technical specialists, 3D/CAD designers, and software engineers. We are Ex-President's and CEO's of companies with collectively over 80 years of experience in our respective industries. We felt it was time to join forces and help the end customer from their side of the table.

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